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We are a small but growing group of friends that have joined together to try to influence the world in our own small way to improve the environment in these worrying times when climate change; caused by over population, pollution, contamination are steering us to disaster. Please join us in helping to make a difference. Sadly we not only live in a “throw away” society that discards all manner of things without concern of how they are spoiling the world we live in but also how many of the things that we throw away in fact pollute our world when much of this wastefulness can be avoided. The Cambridge Academy of Green Culture is not just looking at the recycling of discarded products, but how better to re-use then so that little or no energy is wasted on the recycling process itself. We are also concerned on the types of materials that are used; can changes be made so less hard wood, oil and other natural resources are consumed in manufacturing so that we may preserve our forests, the ‘lungs’ of our plante? Currently the products that we take for granted each day are consuming the world’s resources at an alarming rate. This causes an imbalance which is becoming more and more apparent in the daily weather patterns around the world. We are just a small organisation, making a very small contribution to the world’s improvement whenever and wherever we are able. We do this from the corner of our Orchard workshop in Cambridge UK by research and testing innovative products that might provide the solution to this ecological crisis we face. We are a handful of concerned friends trying to make a difference, modest “acorn” that hopefully, with your help will grow into an “Earth saving tree” resulting in a better world for all.

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Nicholas & Bears

We are delighted to announce that international children's clothing brand Nichlas & Bears are the latest company to join CAGC and have crafted a special CAGC bear to raise awareness and funds for our cause.

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