Our Directors

The friends that make up the Cambridge Academy of Green Culture board of directors;


Albert Gazeley, founder & CEO of CAGC, is an industrialist with a vast experience and knowledge that not only covers a wide range of industrial processes, but also an extensive assortment of countries that include Japan, Hong Kong Switzerland and America. Apart from technical knowledge in many fields, he has also sat on numerous Boards and Committees that gives him considerable insight into the workings of governments, labor content and the all important safety in the workplace.

Michael Thorne is an eminent academic and leading educationalist. Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive of Anglia Ruskin University. Professor Thorne has a first class honours degree in pure mathematics from the University of London and a PhD in computational group theory from the University of Birmingham. He held posts in University College London, Cardiff University, the University of Sunderland and Napier University in Edinburgh before becoming Vice Chancellor of the University of East London in 2001. Currently Professor Thorne is a Board member of the London Thames Gateway Development Corporation, the Learning and Skills network, the Broadway Theatre and Newham College of Further Education. He is also very active as a musician and between 2001 and 2004 conducted Wagner's Ring Cycle in Edinburgh, followed by Tristan and Isolde in 2005.


Roger Wedge has a BA honours degree in Economics as well as numerous engineering qualifications. A “Hands On” industrialist with extensive knowledge regarding the industrial situation in the Midlands and the North of England, where the world’s first ever Industrial Revolution began.  Someone that understands and appreciates what happens on the factory floor, whilst working in management and appreciating the economics of running a business from the ground up. Consequently he is a practical man with economic savvy – a great person when the chips are down with his commonsense attitude.

David Gooch is a technical wizard in the field of electronics and product innovation, David's inventions have generated huge revenues worldwide for many famous brand names over the past thirty years. His current interests are focused on eliminating batteries from toys, and consequently from landfills, by replacing them with other types of electrical power.   He is also well traveled with work experience in England, America and the Far East.

Our Charity

We are a non-profitable organization, registered by the British Charity Commission, Registered No. 1136549 with a charity account details:


Account name: The Cambridge Academy of Green Culture

Sort Code: 40 - 16 - 08 (HSBC Bank, Cambridge City Office)

Account number: 23912906


Currently we operate on a very small scale through the generosity of our dedicated Board of Directors. However, anyone that wishes to help fund any of our projects can actually become part of our crusade to improve energy sources, reduce pollution and tackle global green concerns wherever possible, obviously the more funds we have the larger the pebbles we can throw into the pond. This website remains a work in progress and will, like any useful topic on the environment, remain so on a permanent basis.