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Hello, I am Albert, the founder of the Cambridge Academy of Green Culture. This little corner of the site will be home to my musings and a place for a review of not only what is going on at CAGC but also the world in general with regards to environmental concerns. Your feedback is very much appreciated.


April 2015

Chatting with Charlie Dimmock















This Easter Coton Orchard, home of Green Culture HQ, received a visit from Charlie Dimmock; best known for being part of the hugely successful BBC gardening makeover program Ground Force and programmes such as The Joy of Gardening and Charlie's Garden Army, as well as presenting coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show. She is also an author of non-fiction books, her published works include; Water Garden Workbook, Container Gardening and Enjoy Your Garden.

Whilst knowledgeable about all aspects of gardening, Charlie is particularly known on Ground Force for creating wondrous water features, she says she has been fascinated by water since a young age and wants us all to celebrate water and wildlife in our gardens and was part of documentary series Great British Garden Revival a show focusing on the endangered parts of gardens. “Pollution, redevelopment and demand for water have resulted in the loss of half a million natural ponds over the last century, and Charlie believes now is the time for us all to take the plunge and do something about it.” (Great British Garden Revival 2013)

Charlie is someone that exemplifies what Cambridge Academy of Green Culture is about; combining knowledge with passion to help preserve our ecology and take care of the planet we all live on. It was a true pleasure to chat with her this weekend, we very much hope that she would like to become a friend of CAGC and join in the conversation online.

Happy Easter from Albert.

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December 2012

A time of crisis
















This Ever Changing World Since we last updated our website the world has been through some extraordinary changes, some directly related to our mission “Green Culture” and some related to the world’s “Financial Crises” and of course others due to “Acts of God” which ultimately change everything conceivable. The combination of all these things makes our green endeavours all the more vital, and universal cooperation all the more imperative for the future of the planet, our children, and our grandchildren. Here, in our small way, we are simply throwing a pebble into the “Pond of Ingenuity” in the hope that the ripples that we cause reaches the inventiveness and the perceptive consciousness of our colleagues, friends, supporters and last but not least, the powers that be. The recent Japanese catastrophe has understandably thrown major doubts worldwide relating to the use of “Atomic Power” of all kinds, and “Nuclear Power Stations” in particular. To the point that Germany and other countries are considering eliminating nuclear power from their systems. Our “Think Tank” at “The Academy” are of the opinion that Atomic Power Stations will continue to be an essential part of power generation. Energy worldwide has become such an important part of the civilized world that it will be impossible to eliminate nuclear power as one of our sources if civilization continues its advance and more power needed and shared by the poorer nations. In our opinion the Twin Tower 9/11 Disaster and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster share one thing in common and that was poorly thought out design. Neither the terrorist attack or the earthquake and tsunami were preventable, but if the Twin Towers had fireproof cement clad metal girders, (like many high-rise buildings in other countries) they would not have melted so readily in the kiln like inferno and many more people would have been saved and rescuers would have been safer in their endeavours. Had the Fukushima Daiichi plant had its emergency power units to cool the reactors way up on the roof or even in higher locations the flood would not have shorted out the emergency generators. The lessons here are that population growth needs both high-rise buildings and nuclear power but in both cases there must be no expense spared on the design and emergency safety installations on such projects.

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