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In a highly anticipated speech, the president will outline his second-term climate plan. | AP Photo


President Barack Obama used his weekly address (18th April 2015) to say “climate change can no longer be denied – or ignored”. This is something that we at The Cambridge Academy of Green Culture firmly believe in as well. Though we are a small group of friends we believe that our experience and diverse backgrounds give us a powerful voice in the debate about climate change, with your help we can become a vital part of a global conversation, one that leads to action.


Whilst technology allows us to connect globally via the Internet CAGC is very fortunate to be geographically based in Cambridge, England, a renowned hub for research and education. In our opinion, understanding the impact of climate change through study is the first step in laying out the vision of where our efforts need to be placed to fight climate change; solutions will only be found through innovation and change will only happen if we all speak up.



U.S. President Barack Obama, Chinese President Xi Jinping | Photo credit C.H.Lin


In 2009 at the Copenhagen climate change summit two super power nations, China & USA were unable to come to an agreement despite global pressure for action. Now the two countries have announced unilateral measures to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. What changed? You, the people of those nations, spoke out. In China, citizens became angry, fed up of breathing air that fell far below World Health Organisation standards, only seeing glimpses of a blue sky when the government closes steel mills around Beijing and bans drivers from highways for international events like the Olympics or Apec. This renewed energy for change has prompted leaders to act. President Xi Jinping told his Apec guests he hoped that “every day we will see a blue sky, green mountains and clear rivers, not just in Beijing, but all across China so that our children will live in an enjoyable environment.

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